5 million dogs that enter shelters each year are euthanized

Rarely has a political party more deserved the destruction the Republican Party may be about to suffer at the hands of President Trump’s former strategist, ideological guru and onetime puppeteer Steve Bannon. It was obvious during the earliest days of the campaign that Trump never intended to be either the leader or the protector of the Republican Party. He had contempt for the party.

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By feeding that sense of grievance and by playing to these

“Part of the reason we’re very good friends: She is a very nuanced and wise prosecutor,” Tracey Westerhausen, a Phoenix defense lawyer who has gone up against Mitchell in court, toldThe Washington Post on Tuesday evening. “She doesn’t pigeonhole defendants. In my experience, she is a very pointed questioner of adverse witnesses.

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Learn a little about lemurs, and you’ll find a lot to love. Today 111 species and subspecies live wild in their native home of Madagascar, a lush island off the eastern coast of Africa. But there’s bad news: Lemurs, experts say, are among the most endangered primates in the world.

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