Going on the offensive, Lion is covering all bases in the

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best hermes replica The a2 Milk Company claim that its product is healthier than ordinary milk are set to be Fake Hermes Bags tested in open court, after the Lion Group lodged a cross claim seeking damages for loss of sales.Each company accuses the other of misleading and deceptive conduct in a legal battle that began when a2 sued Lion for putting a label on its Pura and Dairy Farmers branded milk, stating that it contains A2 protein popularity of a2 milk lies in its claim that the A1 protein can cause stomach upsets and thatits milk, from Replica Hermes cows bred to exclude the A1 protein, is healthier.Ordinary milk contains both the A1 and A2 beta casein proteins, but Pura and Dairy Farmers brands only make this clear on the back of their bottles.A2 alleges that it is falsely laying claim to the claimed health benefits that have seen it steal 10 per cent of the market from the big players.In its cross fake hermes belt vs real claim, Lion takes aim at the science behind a2 marketing claims, listing a range of conditions the company has claimed its product to be beneficial for, including autism, Asperger schizophrenia, skin rashes, diabetes and heart disease.medical and scientific research. perfect hermes replica Has not established that milk with no A1 beta casein affords health and/or digestive benefits, the cross claim says.on the one hand if they deliberately put an A2 protein label clearly on their pack, to try and demonstrate that they are an A2 milk, but on the other hand they saying no scientific consumer benefit then why did they deliberately do that, knowing that there was supposedly no benefit? Mr Nathan challenged.He said Lion had put A2 on its Replica Hermes Birkin labels con consumers into thinking that their milk is Replica Hermes Bags an a2 milk, when it clearly not still believe that the misleading and deceptive case which is the core of the case is very clear, Mr Nathan said.is very Hermes Replica Belt evident that their milk has not changed at all; it still the same milk that it always has been. Going on the offensive, Lion is covering all bases in the fight against a rival that is cutting into its revenues after cornering 10 per cent of Australia domestic milk sales, replica hermes belt uk which are dominated by Lion and Parmalat.If the court finds that a2 health claims don stack up, Lion need to put the label on its products will evaporate.DISPUTED HEALTH CLAIMSLion cross claim refers to past claims, since removed from the a2 website, that the milk may be beneficial to children with autism and people with Asperger or schizophrenia, along with the assertion that it may lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.It also references tweets by the a2 Company citing customer testimonials that claim such as: Asthma has cleared up! No more puffer! and had no more ear infections or nappy rash tweet said that a2 milk give my son blotchy skin or a rash like some other brands do best hermes replica.